Consolidate Your Super

What Is Super Consolidation?

Consolidation of your super is the process of combining multiple super accounts into one account.

What Are The Benefits of Consolidating My Super?

The benefits of having the one super account are clear:

  • Super monies are located in the one place, therefore less time is consumed managing your account
  • You’re not paying duplicate fees
  • Reduced paperwork

Key Considerations For Consolidating Your Super

Superannuation is a complex area and there are key considerations you need to take into account when deciding whether to consolidate or not. These include:

  • How to choose the most suitable super fund for your needs. Do you want to work with a financial adviser to determine this, or are you comfortable doing your own assessment using a super comparison website?
  • Exit fees – check out to see if there are any exit fees attached to the funds you are consolidating.
  • Insurance – be aware of the insurance connected to all your accounts and consider your own appropriate level of insurance.
  • Employer considerations – make sure you inform your employer of the details of your new fund.
  • A defined benefit scheme (seek advice before moving from these schemes).


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