Aged Care

MBA Financial Strategists guide you through the process of managing and accessing aged care so that you don’t have to feel like a fish out of water


Are you or a loved one considering moving into aged care and aren’t sure where to begin? Are you worried about the financial impact moving into aged care may have on your current situation?

The team at MBA Financial Strategists understands that accessing aged care services can be daunting, particularly when it comes to working through the process, paperwork, and considering any financial impacts.

We sit with you and find out how much you should expect to pay for aged care and how you can best structure your assets to minimise the amount you have to pay.

Before you move into aged care we look at the impact it could have on your financial situation, particularly if you own your home. We consider the benefits to you of selling your home versus keeping it as a rental property to subsidise your income. We guide you through the process of preparing for aged care and can refer you to someone who can help with placement options.

If you’re looking to organise your finances now to better prepare the transition into aged care, have a look at our seven-step financial planning process and feel free to get in touch if you have any pertinent questions.

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