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Centrelink & Government Benefits

Centrelink benefits (more commonly known as Government benefits) provide individuals with Government payments based on their specific current circumstances. While the process can seem overwhelming with the amount of information out there, it really isn’t so bad. With help from qualified financial advisers, the process can become seamless.


Who is eligible for Government and Centrelink benefits?

You may be entitled to Government and Centrelink benefits if you are in need of financial assistance and you are:

● An apprentice
● A carer
● A student
● Disabled
● From a diverse cultural background
● Indigenous Australian
● Retired
● Unemployed

You are also likely to be eligible for benefits if you have a family and are in need of financial

How can you claim Government and Centrelink benefits?

The first step is checking what benefits you are eligible for and ensuring that you pass the criteria. Once you’ve done your research, you can take the steps to claim your payments.

To view what you’re eligible for and how you can claim it, click here.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for help from experienced financial advisers, you can book an appointment with MBA Financial Strategists today.

Financial Advisers

We know how confusing it can be to apply for Centrelink and Government benefits.

We work with you and make sure you understand the information required and actions required for the benefits that you’re entitled to.

Here at MBA Financial Strategists, we can provide support to clients who are looking to apply for the following pensions:

● Aged
● Disability
● Support

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Our financial advisers are here to provide you with further expertise. Get in touch today with MBA Financial Strategists and speak with a financial adviser.

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