Why Use Us

Seven reasons to use MBA Financial Strategists

  1. Our team of financial planning experts have been in business since 1985.

    Our combined industry experience of over 120 years places us in the perfect position to be able to provide rounded, well-informed, and trusted financial advice to our clients. Our team ensures they keep up to date with the latest financial forecasts and trends by participating in ongoing professional training and development.

  2. among them to be able to provide clients with unmatched and comprehensive support, with five of them holding Certified Financial Planner® titles. This means that whatever the situation, we have a team member on hand to provide relevant, timely and undivided advice.

  3. Being open, honest and transparent is important to us because we truly understand the value in receiving the right advice tailored to your unique situation. Our advice is holistic as it considers not only your income but also your health, relationships, and liabilities. We know circumstances change throughout our lifetimes and that it’s best to manage your finances as a whole, not just part of the picture.

  4. to answer and support even the most complex of financial situations. From budgeting and debt advice through to estate planning and beyond to retirement planning by effectively managing your superannuation – our team is here to guide and support all your financial milestones.

  5. as outlined by Commonwealth Corporations Act which ensures we choose the best product, regardless of provider, and provide the best and most appropriate advice that is suited to our clients’ individual circumstances. As licensees of AMP Financial Planning, we have the backing of the largest financial planning network in Australia*.

  6. by our many happy clients and business partners who trust us with the management of over $500 million in funds under management.

  7. and we work with our clients to ensure that advice is clear and transparent. We find proactively communicating with clients ensures that we maintain close, long term relationships where our clients become our advocates.

*Source: largest number of planners (authorised representatives) Money Management 'Top 100 Dealer Groups' July 2013.