Estate planning

Estate planning is more than just making a will. Let the team at MBA Financial Strategists help you understand the process and give you peace of mind

Are you concerned about who will receive your assets and how these will be distributed should you or your partner die?

Estate planning is often equated to just making a will, however this isn’t the only component that we consider when we walk you through the process. We help you understand the process and make decisions about what will happen to your estate should you or your partner die. We help youto ensure that the will you have in place accurately reflects you and your family.

It’s important to make strategic decisions while you are still capable and we talk through any major life events that have happened since you last reviewed your will to ensure that it is up to date.

Changes in financial situation, acquisition of assets, purchases of property or the birth of a child all affect your estate and Will and we review these in order to develop your own estate plan. We clarify how the tax process works and who manages this for you.

We also ensure that your plan is kept up to date through an ongoing review process.

Find out more about how to create an estate plan by getting in touch with our team today.