Retirement Planning Webinar Speaker:
Mark Borg Dip FP CFP® Principal/Senior financial planner
Date and Time:
Wednesday, 26th September at 12 p.m. noon

Will your retirement live up to your daydreams?
How much money is enough for your retirement?
All your questions answered in this informative webinar.

3 things you will discover?

How much money you will need to fund a ‘comfortable’ retirement

How much money you will need to finance a retirement of 25 years

Important tips to boost your super

According to the ABS around 1.8 million people rely mainly on the Age Pension for their income in retirement.

Early retirement planning is very important to ensure you will have enough for the retirement you want.

You may live until a very old age, so your money needs to last a long time and the Age Pension isn’t enough to give you a ‘comfortable’ retirement.

Mark Borg’s Biography

Mark Borg Dip FP CFP®

Principal of MBA Financial Strategists and Senior financial planner

Has been in the financial services industry for over 30 years

To find out more about Mark go to his webpage.

If you are worried about your retirement and not sure if you will have enough money to retire on register for this webinar.