Track your spending
and save with your own
money Personal Trainer.

  • > Are you spending more than you earn?
  • > Do you want to start a savings plan but don’t know how?
  • > Want to take control of your spending?
  • > Special event wedding/holiday/car purchase coming up and can’t pay for it?
  • > How does your wealth rating compare to the average?

If you answered yes
to any of the above
questions and would
like to start saving?

A financial planner from MBA Financial Strategists can assist you develop a savings plan with our myMoneyPT service


“57% of Australians are savers and of those who are saving 48% are saving for a home and 47% are saving for a holiday”

According to ASIC’s MoneySmart website*

How does myMoneyPT Work?

  • > Come in and meet with one of our financial planners.
  • > They will go through your statements with you and identify and categorise what you are spending your money on – many people are surprised by the outcome!
  • > They will then identify with you what your goals are:
    • > Saving for your first home or unit
    • > Saving for a new car
    • > Planning a holiday
    • > Or paying off debt.
  • > And then develop a budget to assist you achieve your goals and provide you with the appropriate tools to facilitate.
  • > Once your budget has been established your financial planner can assist in monitoring your budgeting or you can use the budgeting tools yourself – it’s your choice.

So you want to start
saving today?
Don’t delay take control
of your finances!