Centrelink & government benefits

Government benefit entitlements don’t need to be overwhelming or confusing

Are you concerned that you aren’t getting the level of support from the government that you feel you’re entitled to? Do government application forms for support confuse and overwhelm you?

The team at MBA Financial Strategists provides advice and support to clients who are looking to apply for the aged, disability, or support pensions. We know how confusing these applications can be and we work with you to ensure that you complete everything required and maximise the benefits you are entitled to.

We strongly believe that if you are entitled to these pensions that we want you to get the most that you are entitled to and we work hard to ensure that we can structure your assests to maximise your payments.

We provide confidential guidance around gift-giving rules as well should you be eligible for a lower score on assets tests which may end up providing you with extra benefits.

If you find yourself confused about the process or believe that you are entitled to more than you are receiving, make sure you get in touch with the team today so we can maximise your government entitlement benefits.